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When Times get tough and you can’t find any money.. then love, laughter and some good booty will brighten up the day.. Super Selma and brother scarecrow Aj Will show you the way to…

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easy days- Selma got ass and can talk a bit’ A smack! Big mama Don’t let no bullshit go down in her house- Unless she’s doing it!! Big mama got the big junk in her trunk! Enjoy non stop laughs and heavy duty fuckin’ N’ Suckin’ Right here Right now!!
Decollecter, Charlie Mac, Toni Sweets, Barbie Banxx, Jayla Foxx, Stacy Foxx, Byron Long, Mark Anthony, Castro Supreme

9 thoughts on “This Ain’t Good Times

  1. Porn and Comefy ..WTF
    I don know should I Jack off .. Roll On The Floor Laughing…
    I never wanted to bang Florida .. but Dee Collector . would get the Dynomite !! lol

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