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Gigantic Brickhouse Butts #3 brought together some heavy hitters in the adult industry all in one DVD title!!! I mean, first off Thunda Kat was in the house with her gigantic ass running down the sidewalk. Then we had Flame’s ass in the homies backyard picking fruit off the tree in some sexy lingerie.

Scene One we started off with Thunda Kat running down the sidewalk trying to loose some weight when she was spotted by your homie Charlie Macc. He was like “What the fuck you doin girl!!!” Kat pulled off the ‘loosing weight’ line which was not what Macc wanted to hear. He told her that he had a better activity to help her loose some of those pounds she had. We all know what she was gonna do right??? Fuck away dem pounds is what!!! If you have not seen Thunda do her thang, let me be the first to tell you that she fucked Charlie’s brains out in this scene. I mean she started off with a sloppy dick suckin scene (sloppy meaning wet and nasty). Then for as big as she was, she broke him off with just about all the positions in the porno book! First she got piped out on her back fro a few hard long strokes. Then spooned on her side with some wood. Then the Katt pounced on top of the tree and rode Macc until he was ready to pop all over her ass. Let me tell you, when Thunda was riding on Macc’s dick, he spread her ass cheeks open to give us a peek at her asshole, and creamy pussy while he was poundin that pussy. Then finally what we wanted to see was her get stuffed in doggy position. THIS SHIT WAS FUNNY AS HELL….cause Charlie had that bitch screamin loud as hell…and that shit was NOT ACTING…it was some real Fuckin goin down…and busted all over her ass!!

Scene Two we had one of the Evasive homies come home to his mommas house…and find FLAME outside in the backyard picking fruit!!! What are the odds of that shit!!! Anyhow, he was not going to kick her out of the yard, and I don’t blame him. I mean she was out there in sexy lingerie…and a big smooth ass too! He took her inside to see what she was really workin with by getting to take her clothes off. And I have to tell you; with every scene…each gets better than the previous one with Flame. She got body!!! Plus she got dick-suckin skillz too cause when she had the homie drop his pants, she grabbed his shit and swallowed it whole! After she almost made him bust from that blowjob she gave, she had him lay down on his back so she could ride that dick. And the camera was in the perfect masturbation position for a good 3 minutes of nothing but Flame’s ASS!!! Then she spun around to ride him reverse cowgirl. And just to let you know…his dick kept poppin out cause her pussy was WETTT!!! Then it was his turn to get her on her back and go to work. This is the first time where I really noticed just how flexible Flame really was….and when she spread open her legs. ..she SPREAD THEM OPEN! Finally was a spoonin fuck-off with a big pop shot on her ass. Awesome scene with Flame at her best…and I am sure there is more to CUM

Scene Three started off with Mark Anthony wanting to get Caesar a birthday gift. And what a better way than to celebrate with some birthday pussy right!!!!!??? So in came Injoi to give Caesar some Brickhouse Birthday Ass!!! First off let me tell you what Injoi looks like. She is a light skinned, big boned, wet pussy, Brickhouse booty girl who is pretty as fuck. Oh did I mention that she also had a clean shaved pussy too??? She went straight to business with Caesar by stripping down and sucking him off for a few minutes…some of the best ‘few minutes’ she ever head……..HAD! She immediately starts the scene off riding him cowgirl. And what a beautiful cowgirl she was!!! She had the biggest, most “jiggliest” ass I have seen on the DVD so far. And the cameraman gave us the viewing that we all look for in an ass shot!!! Then she turned around to give us a frontal view as she rode him reverse cowgirl. We had a nice show of her wet shaved pussy, and big ole titties bouncing up and down. Then Caesar had his moment when she was on her knees in doggy style position. Her pussy was talking to him!!!! That meant that her pussy was sloppy jo wet!!! The final position was the spoon before a pop shot was laid out all over her ass. What a Fuckin birthday gift if you ask me!!!

Scene Four we had some white meat. But this was not any ordinary piece of white pussy. It was Lisa Sparxxx ass. And she fell into the category of Brickhouse booty for this scene here. We start off with her taking a bubble bath in her roman bathtub while eating some donuts. Without her knowing it, Macc and Mark were outside watching her right by the window. Macc was like “She cannot eat donuts without milk man!!!” So to make a long story short, he got himself some milk, found his way inside, and right to the tub where Lisa was at. Big titty, thick juicy ass Lisa. Well…instead of drinking the milk, Macc was pouring it all over her ass!!! And what an ass she had!!! After the milk bath, they both went to the couch in the living room so Macc could lick off the rest of the milk from her pussy! Then Lisa had that amazing task to suck Charlie’s dick. And she did it all so well!!! Cool thing about this part was that the camera went back and forth from the dick in the mouth, to the view of her un-touched ass, then back to the dick in her mouth. Now I have to warn you guys and girls out there…in this scene Charlie Macc PUNISHES Lisa’s pussy!!!! He first starts her off in the doggy style position to show her who the Macc was. And he was ripping away at her guts. Then she hopped on top to get her lips spread wide open. Then the best part of the scene was when Charlie broke her asshole into two!!! He fucked her shit until be busted all over her face!!! Good great excellent scene for those big booty white girl anal lovers out there!

So we all know this is the movies right??? Not everything that happens in these scenes area always like this in real life right??? Ok, well sometimes it is, but MOST of the times it is not. This scene is one of those times. Mark and Caesar just happen to roll up on a honey dip by her house while she was outside topless sunbathing. Mark and Caesar previously had a disagreement about big booty’s in Beverly Hills…but this honey dip proved Caesar’s dis-belief to be wrong. And who other than the unbelievable MYA to make this big booty rumor come to life!!! The view of her ass was unbelievable!!!! Sexy as ever and even better when Caesar pulled off her panties to reveal the juicy pussy that was beneath. And of course you people should know by now her dick sucking skills is off the charts. But if not, this scene proves to be a chart marker!!!

They both go inside to immediately start off the fuck frenzy in a doggy style pounding session. And what a nice ass Mya had to show us. I could not believe it myself, cause her ass is looking better and better. Her ass is more solid, but it is bigger than life!!! The way that she looked from what I saw made me want to jump into the movie itself and get some of that ass….cause the cameraman gave a showing of her goods that made it look all so delicious!! Then they retire to the bed where she jumps on his dick and shows us what a brick house booty should really look like!!! The she laid up on her back and did a cheerleader spread to get her final drillin….and Caesar struck…!!! Gotta say once again, an excellent scene with Mya as she looked tanner, smoother, and big booty bigger than ever!!!